New Simracing rig part 6

5 Oct

Waiting for the paint to dry.



New Simracing rig part 5

5 Oct 20131005-170937.jpg

All panels are on, speedometer/gear indicator is mounted and the swingable/detachable mouse pad is finished. And its yellow :)





New simracing rig part 4

3 Oct

Electrics + shaker amplifier and a USB hub hidden inside. Only the front and left side panel left to make before I can take it for a test drive :)



New sim racing rig part 3

2 Oct

One side and the top.



New Simracing rig day 2

30 Sep

Mounted the last screen, a couple of button boxes, and the bass shaker amplifier and control box.

Still need to mount the gear indicator, the speedometer, the buttons and the little LCD screen from my old dashboard (on the floor) and make an LED array for revs, some warning light LEDs and even more LEDs to show flag status.





New Simracing rig

29 Sep 20130930-003126.jpg

I moved the seat to another (colder) room and started building around it.

It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time. It will make it more stable and more convenient. The side screens will be on hinges, to make it possible to swing them in (for storage/when I am not racing) and out (to any angle I want) when racing.

This is how far I got after 5-6 hours. I have no plans/drawings to work from, I just make it up as I go, using leftover wood from my concrete wall project this summer and whatever I find in the shed/garage.



Camera controller, part 2

18 Jun

I´m still here, but have been busy with Life for a few days :)

made the top pcb a while ago (it´s made of two PCBs stacked on top of each other), but was missing several bits&pieces. Today I got a pile of china letters again, and most of the missing bits were there. The top PCB is finished and I just need a crystal, a mic and an IR receiver diode on the bottom one:


(yes, I know those buttons are a bit “short” ;)


I´m not too sure about this photo controller anymore. When I asked the person who created it about something, he mentioned that he´s stopped using it. Doesn´t seem like there´s a very big user base, and it will probably never be updated again. I may build a photoduino after all – I can always fit my own “duino” in the space where the Uno is supposed to go…

But – Let´s see if this one works first :)


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